Otago Museum

Otago Museum

Upgrade of Central HVAC Plant

The Otago Museum is one of Dunedin’s foremost attractions for both city dwellers and visitors alike.

As part of the Museum management’s overall plan for modernising their internal HVAC systems, Atmos were employed to replace the aged, roof-mounted air-cooled chiller unit and gas fired boiler, and to upgrade the chilled water and heating water reticulation systems in the main plant room.

The work included:

  • new 250kW air-cooled, heat-recovery chiller.
  • new 200kW gas fired boiler.
  • new inverter driven, chilled water and heating water circulating pumps.
  • new heating hot water and chilled water buffer vessels.
  • structural steel steelwork to support the new equipment.
  • Electrical wiring, switchboard and controls additions and alterations

The system is designed to recover heat from the general extract system and from air conditioned spaces, and to transfer this to a 50C heating water system serving the humidity-controlled specialised storage areas that require reheat when in dehumidification mode. 

The system also has an 80C heating system served by a gas fired boiler that provides winter heating throughout the complex, and acts as backup for the Museum’s widely acclaimed Tropical Habitat and Butterfly House.

Water can be transferred from the 50C circuit to the 80C circuit during periods of low heating demand, and vice versa when there is insufficient reclaimed heat from the chiller to satisfy the demands of the 50C circuit.

Given the size of the Museum complex, the age of some of its buildings, and 350,000 visitors per year, the HVAC system is extremely energy efficient, and its performance can be monitored by management staff via a digital Building Management System (BMS).

Atmos have provided HVAC installations and maintenance services to the Museum for 15 years and were proud to be involved in this large capital investment in the building’s infrastructure and future wellbeing.

Before undertaking any major project that requires mechanical and electrical engineering, consider talking to Atmos Engineering Ltd about designing and engineering a solution for you.

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