Edgar Centre

This building houses the Lion Foundation arena used for significant national and international indoor sporting events.

Atmos was pleased to win an $800,000 contract with the Dunedin City Council for the installation of new ventilation systems to serve the arena.

The statistics for the equipment installed are impressive:

Two large air handling units located on the roof of the building, each supplying an air volume of 13,500 l/s Gas fired heating sections in the air handling units rated at 250kw Six roof extract fans each removing air at a rate of 3,025 l/s 160 linear metres of 1200mm diameter painted ductwork located at high level 37 No. 500mm diameter jet diffusers for supply air distribution.

Atmos took on the role of main contractor for this project which included structural steel, electrical and control services, builders work, roofing and specialist painting.

The above project was complex to complete and had to be carried out within a working building, with considerable attention to health and safety and the protection of the existing building structure.

The completed systems provide a pleasant, cool, well ventilated environment for the participants and spectators.

Next time you visit the Edgar Stadium arena take time to look up and view our handiwork.

We are pleased with the result and believe you will be too.

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