Toitu Early Settlers Museum


A building of considerable cultural and historical significance


Atmos Engineering Ltd has been awarded a $1million contract for mechanical services in Stage 3 of the Otago Settlers Museum redevelopment, commencing in March 2011 with main contractor Lund South.


The installation of new services to an existing building can be a challenge especially when it involves a building of considerable cultural and historical significance. This project will involve the upgrade of iconic rooms such as the Smith Gallery, the Hall of History and the Hudson Gallery.


The redevelopment work has already uncovered hidden treasures in a decorative coffered ceiling and a former railway platform both of which will be preserved for their aesthetic and historical worth.


The building's heating and cooling demands will be satisfied simultaneously by an air to water heat pump capable of complete heat recovery. Water is circulated through the building via state of the art plastic pipework which is corrosion-proof, thermally efficient and engineered for a 50 year life cycle.


Ducted and piped services are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and special care will be taken to preserve original ceilings, flooring and architectural facades. In those areas having an open roof void, mechanical plant is tucked neatly under-floor, circulating air through floor-mounted grilles thus eliminating unsightly high level services.


Atmos are pleased to be of service to the Otago Settles Museum and proud to be associated with the preservation of our cultural heritage.